At the completion of my lecture at the very successful congress held in Tokyo yesterday which was organized by Mr Nakagawa JDC WDC, a generous donation was handed to me for Beata in her fight against CANCER!

We can not thank you enough and when I spoke to her last night, she burst into tears as did I! I can’t even begin to tell you what this means to me when I see how much love and support there is for Beata!

She first had surgery with the very upsetting diagnosis that the cancer had spread aggressively Throughout her body!

She has been undergoing very intensive Chemotherapy for several weeks now and a few days ago she was admitted into hospital and is still there now due to the side effects and some complication of this treatment!

We say our prayers everyday and share our love and support for her to fight through this! 

Once again thank you to Mr Nakagawa, the JDC and everyone who has contributed In helping BEATA!


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