About Beata

Beata, born in Lithuania, started her dance career at the age of 6. She trained in classical ballet, folk, latin, and ballroom dancing. She became the Lithuanian and former Soviet Union juvenile, junior, and youth latin, ballroom, and folk dancing champion. At seventeen, Beata and her South African partner, Michael Wentink, began to represent South Africa on the competitive world stage and remained undefeated as South African Latin Amateur and Professional Champions for 10 years.


In 1998, Beata and Michael became the undefeated World Latin Champions and were the first South African couple to win this title. During her career as a competing amateur and professional latin dancer, Beata has been noted as one of the top female dancers in the dancesport industry who has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique style of dance. After turning professional in 1999, they became finalists of every major international competition since their professional debut at the Blackpool Dance Festival (British Open).


Beata has been involved in many productions and performances which were televised and recorded for many special events and gatherings. Amongst Beata‘s many performances include the NBC DanceSport Series, EuroSport DanceSport Championships, Televisa’s 2nd Campeonato Baile del Mundial, and other televised performances all over the globe. Additionally, she was invited to perform at the prestigious World Super Stars Dance Festival held annually in Tokyo, Japan for 8 years.


She continues to coach, lecture, and choreograph performances all over the world and is a world class adjudicator judging US national and international dancesport competitions.

Titles & Accomplishments


  • 5-time undefeated South African Professional Latin Champion
  • World Professional Latin Bronze Medalist
  • Blackpool Professional Latin Grand Finalist
  • UK Championships Professional Latin Grand Finalist
  • International Championships Professional Latin Grand Finalist
  • All England Latin Championships Professional Champion
  • Japan International Championships Professional Latin Champion
  • United States National Professional Latin Runner Up


  • World Amateur Latin Champion
  • Blackpool Amateur Latin Champion (British Open)
  • UK Championships Amateur Latin Champion
  • International Championships Amateur Latin Champion
  • German Open Amateur Latin Champion
  • Swiss Open Amateur Latin Champion
  • Austrian Open Amateur Latin Champion
  • 5-time undefeated South African Amateur Latin Champion

Junior & Youth

  • Juvenile, Junior & Youth 10-dance Lithuanian Champion
  • Juvenile, Junior & Youth Latin Lithuanian Champion
  • Juvenile, Junior & Youth Standard Lithuanian Champion
  • Juvenile, Junior & Youth 10-dance USSR Champion
  • Juvenile, Junior & Youth Latin USSR Champion
  • Juvenile, Junior & Youth Standard USSR Champion
  • German Open (GOC) Youth Latin Champion

Television & Stage

  • NBC DanceSport Series – Boston
  • ESPN DanceSport Championships – New York
  • EuroSport DanceSport Championships – Europe
  • World Super Stars Dance Festival – Japan

  • BIDVest Corporate Gala – South Africa
  • ADM Corporate Event – Puerto Rico
  • Choice Hotels Corporate Gala – Las Vegas
  • Televisa – Segundo Capmeonato Baile del Mundial – Mexico

Professional Certifications & Licenses

  • National Dance Council of America – Adjudicator
  • National Dance Council of America – World Class Judge
  • National Dance Council of America – National Judge

  • DVIDA Certified Examiner
  • World Dance Council – Adjudicator